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Level up by recycling SIX times and showing us a selfie of each of your drop-offs. You need to make it to LEVEL Six to receive your gift.

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Drop Off Times

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 15:00

Saturday & Sunday: 09:00 – 13:00

Drop Off Location

At Eco-Recycling, next to the Woolworths receiving area outside entrance 4. Eco-Recycling make regular donations to House of Grace.


071 714 7272


REGISTER online for the Recycling Programme to be able to do your first Drop-Off. Already registered? Click here to do your first drop-off.


HOW TO DO IT: Take a selfie dropping off your recycling at the Eco Recycling centre next to the Woolworths receiving area outside entrance 4. LOGIN to your account by using the login form above and you will be directed to the ONLINE drop-off page for LEVEL 1. Here you will fill in the online form and upload your selfie. When we receive your drop-off form we will promote you to LEVEL 2. Do it again the next time you recycle and move to LEVEL 3. Each time you will go up a level. Once you have filled in the form for six levels you will receive your GIFT. 


Note: An administrator will manually move you up to a new level. If you login and find you are on the same level as last time then kindly contact us by email to and let us know your User Name.