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Duesouth Escapes: For all the Luggage, Bags & Tech to suit your journey! We understand that the quest for adventure and wanderlust is a thirst waiting to be quenched. We want to enable you to embrace that lifestyle - whatever that looks like to you! Our range of unique international brands like Samsonite, GUESS, Thule, Jekyll&Hide etc., complemented by our own brand offering of the LBD Range, sets us apart from our competitors. Escapes cater for modern, hi-tech travelers who demand a retail experience suited to their adventurous lifestyle. At any of our shopping centre locations or online you will find our full range of luggage, handbags & travel accessories suited to your specific journey.'

Contact Details

Telephone: 035 901 9024
Website: https://www.duesouthescapes.co.za
Shop Location: U04