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Totalsports was started in 1982 and grew into a sizeable business with representation nationwide. As part of a diversification strategy, the Foschini Group identified Totalsports as having tremendous growth potential, and purchased Totalsports in 2000. This move heralded the start of the Sports Division. We are now well represented in all key shopping locations with more than 300 stores nationwide, including a number of stores in neighbouring countries. Totalsports is all about pride fuelled by passion. It’s about the drive to do better, to be better, to take it on the head, to make it through the wall, to fight harder, live stronger and move faster. We’re here for all the people who know what it feels like to want to win or be part of a winning team. Whether you are on the field or in the stadium, whether you’re running a marathon or just keeping your own pace. Sport is in our blood, there’s no escaping it.

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Telephone: 035 901 9041
Shop Location: U47a/48