Products and services gain brand loyalty through social awareness mediums, sales-driven campaigning and promotions. To this end, face-to-face marketing remains one of the most powerful and successful marketing tools, being one of the only platforms which allows businesses to interact with prospective customers in person. Brands need a novel consistency in their approach to customers and at the Boardwalk Inkwazi Shopping Centre promotional court spaces; you can start to achieve just that. Exhibitions provide you with the opportunity to engage with new and existing customers and have a question-based conversation – all which will help to close a deal much more effectively. 

Available for daily, weekly or monthly hire, we offer you the opportunity to setup a display and promote your business in our shopping centre, boasting over one million visitors a month. 

We look forward to making our exhibition space your space.

For your convenience, the documentation below will assist you in your exhibition request. Download our Exhibitors Documents containing the MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT, INDEMNITY and HOUSE RULES by clicking the button below.

For more information you can also email marketing@boardwalkinkwazi.co.za.